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Farewell to US Airways

Flying on the Last US Airways Flight from PHX to SFO

October 17th, 2015 was a significant day for the merger between American Airlines (AA) and US Airways (US).  Known as “Cutover”, the two airlines switched to a single Passenger Service System and became a single airline that day.  The two airlines now have a common reservation system, a single airline policy, and single airport operations.  For the customer, there is just one airline – American.  (The two airlines were already flying under a single operating certificate, received in April of this year).

This also meant US Airways would operate its last fight on October 16th.  To commemorate, the airline flew a special flight from Philadelphia (PHL) to Charlotte (CLT) to Phoenix (PHX) to San Francisco (SFO) and back to PHL, with the final SFO-PHL segment being the actual last US Airways flight.  Despite it being a special flight, the routing itself was not special and the flights would be sold and operated as ordinary flights.

US Ai…