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To the Top of America – 2012 Alaskan Aviation Adventure (Last Part in a Series)

-->Barrow in an Alaska 737-400 Combi
--> In planning my spotting trip to Anchorage, I had an opportunity to choose a stopover on my mileage award ticket at no extra cost. I chose the most exotic, remote, and geographically interesting destination on the Alaska Airlines route map:  Barrow.

Flight in a Beaver - 2012 Alaska Aviation Adventure (Part 3 in a Series)

--> On this trip to Alaska, I accomplished three firsts on a single flight: ·I flew in my first floatplane ·I flew in my first Beaver ·I chartered my first airplane

Everts Classics - 2012 Alaska Aviation Adventure (Part 2 in a Series)

--> Everts Air Cargo is the last large cargo airline in Alaska flying a fleet of vintage piston-powered propeller airliners. Everts varied fleet includes two World-World II vintage Curtiss C-46s and eight post-war vintage Douglas DC-6s.  Seeing these classics at work was like taking a time machine to a bygone era, witnessing what air travel was like back in the golden age of propliners.

ANC Spotting Highlights - 2012 Alaska Aviation Adventure (Part 1 in a Series)

Here are some highlights and a sampling of the variety of traffic from my spotting trip to Anchorage International (ANC) in early May.  Unfortunately, the weather was not great.  We got partial sunshine only three out of the eight days there.  :(