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Flying in the “Tin Goose”

Flight in a Vintage 1929 Ford Tri-Motor

The Ford Tri-Motor, known affectionately as the Tin Goose, was world’s first mass produced airliner.  Built with corrugated aluminum, the Tri-Motor resembled more like a tool shed than an airplane.

Dream Big

Flying on the Inaugural American 787 Dreamliner

Later, 'Bro!

Farewell to the Brasilia
On May 5, 2015, SkyWest Airlines retired its last Embraer 120 Brasilia, known lovingly by those that work on them as the “Bro”.  According to, the Brazilian Air Force is now the largest Brasilia operator with 19 aircraft, followed by Swiftair in Spain with 10 aircraft.  The end has most certainly come for the this once-mainstay aircraft that served small towns and communities throughout the United States as an important link to hubs to the rest of the world.