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WestJet Inaugural 787 Dreamliner Flight

In March 2019, I flew on WestJet’s inaugural Boeing 787 Dreamliner flight.  WestJet is the third airline in the U.S. and Canada to fly the Dreamliner.  I can proudly say that I have flown on the inaugural 787 flight on all three carriers!

  1. United – Nov 2012 (Houston to Chicago O’Hare)
  2. Air Canada – May 2014 (Toronto to Halifax)
  3. American – May 2015 (Dallas-Ft. Worth to Chicago O’Hare), and now
  4. WestJet – March 2019 (Toronto to Calgary)
Me with WestJet CEO Ed Sims

My trip report can be found on Airways’ website here, or if you prefer a hardcopy, it can also be found in the June 2019 edition of the magazine.

You may also watch my trip report video on Youtube via the link below.


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