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Hike to Axalp

Getting there (and back) was really part of the fun!Fliegerschiessen Axalp or Air Force Shooting Axalp is a two-day airshow where the main draws include Swiss Air Force fighter jets performing live fire demonstrations and the Swiss Air Force’s Patrouille Suisse demonstration team performing aerial acrobatics amidst the beautiful Swiss Alpine environment.  Of course we all have seen incredible photos from Axalp.  What you never hear about is the arduous effort required in order to make the journey.  This is that story.Located in the Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland, Axalp is near the southeastern shore of Brienzersee (lake); about 9 miles east of the famous touristy city of Interlaken.There were hints of what is to come. The official map posted on the Swiss Air Force website prior to the event notes the trip up to Axalp requires a combination of bus, ski lift, and hike.  After the ski lift (“A” on the map), a one to two hour hike is required to reach the spectator areas (Spots 1,…