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A Tour of Starbucks

I went to Seattle in April for AvGeek Fest 2016 for a fun filled aviation weekend put together by the wonderful folks at Airline Reporter, Future of Flight, Museum of Flight, and Boeing. We got exclusive access to the Dreamlifter Operations Center (an AvGeek Fest first), tour of the Dreamliner Gallery, an on-the-factory-floor tour of the Everett Plant (home of the 747, 767, 777, and 787), a tour of the Renton Plant (home of the 737 – not open for public tours), and to top off – a walk around of Boeing’s newest baby – the 737-8 Max. Boeing even pulled out the Seahawks 747-8F out for us!  Alas, Boeing does not allow photography on their property so I was not able to take photos while on any of those tours.