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African Safari

My African Safari took place at Balule Nature Reserve, a private game reserve about 270 miles northeast of Johannesburg (a six-hour shuttle van ride away).  Balule’s border with Kruger National Park is unfenced, which allows animals to move freely in between the lands.  The advantage of taking a safari at a private reserve is they have the ability to take vehicles off road straight to the animals, whereas at Kruger, everyone must stay on the road.

Montreal Rainout

This is my last update on the road as I will be flying back home tomorrow morning.  Spending six-weeks on the road overseas is tiring; I am ready to sleep in my own bed and go back to work to resume normalcy in my life.

Incredible Iguazu

With only one country and one week remaining,  my trip around the world is almost complete.  I am only four time zones away from home!

The Big Five

Whenever one goes on a safari, the goal is to see the "big five", named for the five most difficult and dangerous games to hunt in Africa.

Bobbing Down the Bosphorus

If you are a geography buff, then you will find the Bosphorus Strait fascinating as did I.

Steamed Out in Turkey

My trip is now more than half way over and the first countries are a distant memory (I was in Australia?).