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Riding the Train That Used to be Called “Skeena”

VIA Rail’s Jasper – Prince Rupert Train used to be a named train – The Skeena – after the river it runs alongside with for about 170 miles on its journey.  Now simply known by a boring name, it is nevertheless a specular ride: through the Rockies, along three different rivers, across dense forests, lumber mills, towns small and large, right down to individual outposts.  The westward journey ends at the Pacific Ocean at Prince Rupert, an important port in northwestern British Columbia.  More than a scenic ride, the Jasper – Prince Rupert Train is also a flag stop train that provides a crucial lifeline to those that live in the remote areas along the way.

The 1160 km (721 mile) trip takes two days, making an overnight stop at Prince George, British Columbia, making it a day-time only train.  The train offers simple coach seating (“Economy Class”) and snack/bar service in the winter.  In the summer, on certain days, the train picks up a Panoramic Car as part of “Touring Class” (reserved…