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To the Top of America – 2012 Alaskan Aviation Adventure (Last Part in a Series)

Barrow in an Alaska 737-400 Combi
In planning my spotting trip to Anchorage, I had an opportunity to choose a stopover on my mileage award ticket at no extra cost. I chose the most exotic, remote, and geographically interesting destination on the Alaska Airlines route map:  Barrow.

Barrow (population 4212) is the northernmost city in the United States and is the 9th northernmost city in the world.  At latitude 71°17’N, Barrows sits well inside the Arctic Circle and is only about 1300 miles away from the North Pole.  It’s pretty easy to find Barrow on a map: it is at the top-most tip of Alaska!
As tourist facilities and attractions are limited, I decided to spend only two hours in Barrow, returning back to Anchorage on the next flight after I get there. The airport is located right off the coast of the Arctic Ocean; I planned to dip my feet there.  A few days before leaving for Barrow, however, I saw a live webcam view of the airport.  I was surprised to see snow still on the ground.  …