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Dreams Do Come True!

Trip Report:  Flying on United’s Inaugural Day of Boeing 787 DREAM)LINER Service

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Without a doubt, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is my second favorite airplane after the Concorde (of course!). Don’t know exactly how that happened – but the 787 fascinates me. Perhaps it was the radical design of the original 7E7 concept, or high technology inside and out, or having gotten involved with Boeing’s “World Design Team”: voting on the name and replying to every survey, or maybe it was just brilliant marketing by Boeing. United Airlines would be the first airline in North America to fly the to fly the 787 (see their special 787 webpage) and I have decided that no matter where it went, I wanted to fly on the inaugural flight. (ANA made the very first inaugural 787 flight from Tokyo-Narita to Hong Kong more than one year prior in October 2011.)

In August 2012, one month prior to their first aircraft delivery, United announced temporary domestic …