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DC-4 - The Unexpected Flight

I took a most unexpected flight while in South Africa. I got to fly in a Douglas DC-4 Skymaster - the last one ever built - and one of only two remaining in the world carrying passengers. It was an exciting highlight in my aviation enthusiast career!

I had arranged for a tour of the Skyclass facilities on my visit to Johannesburg (Skyclass maintains and operates the historical aircraft fleet for the South African Airways (SAA) Museum Society). While working on the details of my tour, their office manager Maryna asked me whether I was aware that they were selling seats on their DC-4 flying from Johannesburg O.R. Tambo (JNB) to the Swartkop Airshow and back. I was going to the airshow but did not realize there was going to be a chance to fly on a historic aircraft. At a price of 1295 Rands round trip (equivalent to about USD $140) including admission to the airshow, it did not take me long to decide to take the flight.

First, here are some photos from the tour.

Douglas DC-3 &q…

RTW – The Final Rundown

Here is a final rundown of my Round the World trip.

Total distance travelled:  49,874 miles (80,264 km)

Total days:  42 (six weeks)

Equator crossings:  Four

Continents:  Six (all except for Antarctica).

Countries:  Eight (plus an additional three went through in-transit, so I did not officially enter those countries)

Total photos taken:  8,900 (plus or minus a couple).

Weight gained:  10 kg.  Not me, but my luggage.

Illness received:  One cold from New Zealand.  Didn’t totally recover until South Africa.

Items lost:  One pen (freebie hotel pen) lost on board Bangkok Airways somewhere between Phuket and Bangkok.  Another one was reacquired at the next hotel stop.

Balls dropped:  One.  I forgot to reserve a rental car for Montreal.  Oops.  Did it real quick on my phone while waiting to board the flight.

Most impressive sight:  Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Most impressive city:  Istanbul, Turkey (but – see next item…)

Got tricked by all the tourist traps:  Istanbul.  Taxi dr…