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Flying on Air Canada's Inaugural 787 Flight
In my quest to fly on as many Boeing 787 Dreamliner inaugural flights as I can, hot on the heels of Norwegian’s Oakland to Stockholm inaugural flight came Air Canada’s inaugural 787 flight into service.

As with my first Dreamliner inaugural on United, the actual first flight was hard to predict.  It was fraught with last minute changes making advanced planning difficult.  I was closely following Air Canada’s twitter feed, all the while keeping up to date with flyertalk’s huge 787 thread as well as the All Things 787 blog.  All news indicated that Air Canada would fly the Dreamliner on short domestic runs before taking the aircraft international.  The question was – which domestic flight would it be?

Initially, the inaugural flight was scheduled on May 21 from Toronto Pearson to Montreal.  But as aircraft delivery date approached, at the end of April, the 787 was taken off that route.  A waiting game ensued.  Finally, few days before Air…