Memorabilia from Flight UA 737

Collection of memorabilia from flight UA 737, United’s last 737 flight.

737-300 safety card, boarding pass, last flight certificate, and 737 trading card, all signed by Capt. Russo.
Last flight certificate.
Last flight dispatch paperwork signed by Capt. Russo.

Unless otherwise noted, all photos copyright Ben Wang, and may not be used without permission.


  1. Looks like we were right across from each other - I was over in 16B. BTW, a lot of people on my blog wondered how more than 1 million miles in a year was possible. I asked Robin at United and she clarified that it was, in fact, lifetime 1.3 million miles. That makes a lot more sense, I suppose.

  2. Very interesting and enjoyable trip report. Thankyou


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