Learning the Three “R’s” Space Shuttle Style: Rollout, Rollback, Rollover (Part 3)

Where is Waldo?
I rarely have my photo taken when I am taking photos. But with cameras all around me documenting everything, I was bound to end up in an official NASA photograph. In fact, I got into five photos and one video!

My photo:
NASA’s photo:
Photo credit:  NASA (link to original image)
I am near the right, on the crowd line, kneeling, wearing a dark shirt and tan pants.
My photo:
NASA’s photo:
Photo credit:  NASA (link to original image)
I am second from the left, next to the orange cone, wearing a blue hat, kneeling.
My photo:
NASA’s photos:
Photo credit:  NASA (link to original image)
Photo credit:  NASA (link to original image)
Photo credit:  NASA (link to original image)
I am in the back row, second from the left, wearing a blue hat and a geeky STS-134 t-shirt. Note in the last shot (L plus 31 seconds), I had my arms and hands down, no longer shooting.
NASA’s video from the same location.
I had never heard of lovebugs until this trip. If you take a close look at them, you will know why they are called lovebugs. On my second trip to Florida, I happened upon lovebug season. They were everywhere. I drove through swarms of them. They got through the air conditioner vents in my hotel room. They made swimming pools and outside restaurant seating unusable. A line of dead lovebugs could be found on the waterline at the beach. I hate lovebugs!

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  1. Great blog!
    What remote trigger do you use?

  2. This was posted back in Part 1. My trigger is made by T-minus Productions:


  3. Ben,

    Superb blog. I was at the STS-134 launch having flown out twice from London for it! I'm coming back for the final mission and have a press pass this time. Will be getting a remote trigger for sure. Can you advise on the best set up points for a remote camera. Can't decide on wide angle or close up. Very informative and inspiring!!!!



  4. Thanks Duncan! Based upon the sun angle on the July 8th launch time, I would suggest the mounds or the dike.

  5. How lucky I found my way here......Love the teddy-bear filming....good to have a side-kick ...in case it goes wrong...your not going down Alone....LOL

    I was just Heartbroken with the last Space Shuttle...everything's different now.....with NASA.....Lucky you to have been apart of that epic mission

    Do take care now...

    oh by the way....I live in South East Louisiana....and lovebugs are just a way of life twice a year...they love the color White....so no white for me....h ha

    I thank ya for such a lovely site..
    so until....misstwa signing off for now...



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