Dreamliner Gallery Tour

I had the pleasure of touring Boeing’s Dreamliner Gallery during Airline Reporter’s Aviation Geek Fest 2013.  Located in Everett, Washington (near the Boeing Factory at Paine Field), the Dreamliner Gallery is described as an “exercise of the right brain” - designed to enable creativity for airlines’ cabin designers.

We all know how the 787 Dreamliner is an efficient airplane in terms of performance.  Extending that design concept, the Dreamliner Gallery enables airlines to exercise cabin design efficiency. On previous generation aircraft, each airline had a myriad of cabin components and choice of suppliers in thick catalogs.  The combination of which created inefficiencies (in terms of supplier control and inventory management) and non-standardization.   To overcome these inefficiencies, Boeing reduced the number of cabin suppliers for the 787 and brought everything under one roof at the Dreamliner Gallery – a showroom for airlines to look, touch, and feel everything available as they design the cabin for their new fleet. 


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