Impressions of Phuket

If there was a place (so far on this trip, anyway) where I wished I could have shared it with someone, Phuket, Thailand would have been it.

I stayed at the Sunprime Resort at Kamala Beach, about 15 minutes away from the famous (but more crowded with hustle and bustle) Patong Beach.  I got upgraded to a Junior Suite with pool and partial ocean view.  Hours spent wading though hundreds of hotel listings and reviews were totally worth it.  I got this place for $80/night – including tax.  What a deal!

Such a nice room – but no one to share it with.  :(

View of the pool and ocean from my balcony.

Sunset as seen from my balcony.

Kamala Beach, literally just one-step away from the hotel.

Tsunami Monument, a sad reminder that this area was devastated by the great tsunami in 2004.

You think for such a fancy resort, they would have a better shuttle bus to take you to the city than a converted flatbed truck where everyone just spills on and off?  Then again, it was a taste of the local flavor.

One of the famous sites near Phuket (actually off the mainland to the north) is Kaho Phing Kan.  Known as James Bond Island, this is where the gunfight scene from The Man with the Golden Gun was filmed.

These long boats looked like a nice idyllic experience from the brochure.  As it turned out…not so much.  The automobile engine with a propeller at the end of the drive shaft was extremely noisy (I had to make ear plugs from tissue paper in my pocket) and there was no emission control to speak of.  The exhaust from the engine came out of a pipe straight into the air.

As part of the “James Bond Island Tour”, we also went to Wat Suwan Kuha – a cave temple with a reclining Buddha and home to many monkeys kept fat by tourists.

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  1. Hope you enjoyed your trip to Phuket :) I have lived here since 1999. Yes, agree, those longtail boats, espeically with old engines - they look nice, but noisy!


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