My Travels to Middle Earth

I arrived at the Middle of Middle Earth Airport.

I then went to the shire, known as Hobbinton.

I went to Bilbo and Frodo's hole, known as Bag End.

Outside the shire, while my mates were picking mushrooms, I realized the Ringwraiths were coming, so I yelled: "get off the road!".

I then ran into Gollum fishing.

At Rivendell, my sword glowed blue warned me of pending danger.

It was an Orc!

I then took a walk in the Gardens of Isengard with someone who pretended to be Saruman (well, to be fair, I pretended to be Gandalf).

Finally, at the Embassy Theater, I went to the site of the world premier for The Hobbit and Return of the King.

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